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Centre for Neuro Care


With a team of renowned neurologists, neurosurgeons, and technicians using the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies, the Center for Neuro Sciences provides comprehensive treatment for the brain and nervous system. Major and sophisticated cases are sent to the center from all across the world.

The center has the following sections –
Neurology – Provides non-surgical treatment of brain and nervous system.
Neuro Surgery – Provides surgical treatment of brain issues and also other body parts impacted by nervous system like spine.
Paediatric Neurology – Specialized treatment for brain and issues related to nervous system in kids.

Neurologists treat patients with nervous system problems on a routine basis with non-surgical methods such medication, electrical stimulation, and other treatments. They don’t carry out surgical procedures.

On the other hand, neurosurgeons, who specialize in spine and neurological surgery, offer surgical treatment and rehabilitation for advanced, complicated illnesses that affect any part of the nervous system.

Patients with mobility and function impairments can receive assistance from a specialized rehabilitation center at the Neuro Sciences Centre. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge rehabilitation tools, such as a multistation gym, ergo meter, treadmill, bike, neuro rehabilitation pad, stairwell, and ramp.